Annie (UK Project)

This is probably old hat for many people.. but I just ran across the Accessing and Networking with National and International Expertise (ANNIE) project. The description from the Higher Education Academy site is as follows:

“The project aims to enhance student engagement in creative and collaborative learning in the discipline of Theatre Studies by augmenting access to teaching and workshops led by scholars and practitioners of national and international standing from distant locations. It will establish best practice in delivering teaching from distant locations, explore ways in which students may interact creatively with distant experts and practitioners and produce guidelines for the design and delivery of distance-taught courses and workshops.”

The project provides a set of excellent resources that are usable beyond “Theatre Studies” alone. The resources section, is quite rich.

“The ANNIE project resources provide a complete set of guidelines for accessing and networking with remote experts. These have been extracted from our experiences of running over 15 case studies that reflect a wide range of educational and technological situations.”

They use/have a nice 5 step approach/framework. On the site linked above, note that each of the circles links to a description and explanation of how the project approached each of the steps. They provide quite a bit of information on their approaches, including the analysis questions.

A useful graphic, I think, is the decision tree they used for choosing technologies, as well as the linked one (see links on right) for video-conferencing technologies

I need to study and discuss this more with colleagues!

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