A Bow of Respect and Thanks…

Over the last days a team of UBC students —

Michelle Chua
Frank Pan
Tyler Pirtle
Enej Bajgoric
(I can’t imagine he was not involved somehow along the way..)

Remember those names, folks…

—- with the guidance of Brian, Novak and other members of the OLT Team, upgraded our MT Server to Movable Type 3.17 from 2.64.

This effort caps several months of work during which the student team developed a project plan that incorporated both human and technical elements, and stuck to it like demons! They communicated in a collegial and timely way with our users. They also created and/or gathered an enviable set of documentation and resources (appropriately attributed and linked through Michelle’s post) that will likely serve needs at UBC and beyond. All and all, a job very, very well done!

One of the aspects of my job that I treasure the most is the opportunity to work with the creative, intelligent, resourceful, respectful, fun, and just flat out nice, students of UBC. They absorb the current state of knowledge and consistently add to it. They learn, and we move forward.

To Michelle, Frank, Tyler, Enej, Brian and Novak… (hopefully I have not forgotten anyone), I extend a blogly bow of respect and thanks in all of your respective directions…

And WOW!! is this interface ever pretty and fast!

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