Integrated Support Systems

This article has been sitting in my “unpublished entries” of my weblog for a while (since march 2004? yikes!) — I have a habit of storing and forgetting to go back. Not good — another end of year resolution to stop doing…

The article looks at units/systems across the campus that should be working together to best support students… something that lots of institutions are working on – particularly large decentralized institutions — it’s good to find the occasional summary article…

Extending Virtual Access: Promoting Engagement and Retention through Integrated Support Systems

I like the table that they have put together in this article (Academic Support, Business Systems Support, Technology Support, Student Support, Instructional Support)… might be a nice exercise to see how this plays out for a campus… articulate the model..

The Center for Transforming Student Services, linked through WCET, is another good link for this type of information.

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