References beyond Google

My what an odd path we sometimes travel. While looking for information related to Refworks, US-based servers and Canadian issues with US based servers (another topic that someday I should post some notes on…) and related topics…

I ran across the Distant Librarian weblog — which I need to spend more time on…

…that referenced an article posted on the Online Education Database called Research Beyond Google: 119 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources

According to the Distant Librarian, this is …

“…an annotated list of deep web places one could check in various disciplines when Google doesn’t provide the answer. Looks like a pretty good list – might be worth a link from your “resources for students” page.”

Hmmm… I concur! What an excellent list. Though I kind of feel silly, having never heard of the terms Invisible Web or Deep Web before…

I have to learn more of these terms!

I need to remember this when I kick back in to my course revisions (Yikes! Teaching in Term 2 is right around the corner….!!!!)

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2 Responses to References beyond Google

  1. Hi Michelle, I trust you did end up finding this CBC piece on the Refworks servers… Probably the one that started you on your search for more info, eh?

  2. Michelle Lamberson says:

    I did, thank you!

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