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Not sure why I posted a question on a Google Earth Community without posting on my own blog? Love to have some ideas on this question…

I’m trying to understand how I might put together a group activity that allows students to build a collaborative List – without having to do lots and lots of downloading and editing of individual files….

One way I try to help students in my course connect to the course content is to have them read through/explore the “Geologist’s Lifetime list” (, then contribute to a discussion where they connect their own experience to the topics mentioned. (They describe their experience relative to some of the topics mentioned in the list, then comment on at least two other students’ experiences). This usually produces a vibrant discussion and is a good way for students to get to know each other.

This year I assembled their list into a downloadable Google Earth tour. This took quite a bit of time (though it was fun!)

I would really like to have the students do this. I know I could ask them to not only post a message, but also attach a kmz file of the location(s). However, I would still need to download & open each file and build a list – not the immediacy that I am I’m looking for.

Is there a way that one could design this so that each student could pinpoint the location on a map and provide a description (plus or minus photos) – and the tour/kmz file builds along the way?

Anyone have a sense of how this could be done?

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  1. This is an interesting request. From your description I’m thinking a combination of a guest book map and a wiki.

    I don’t know of any tools, specifically that do this. A guest book map might be able to be modified, however.

    There are lots of open source, free-to-modify wikis and guest book maps, and you have a very talented team, so…….

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