“Bro’s over Yo’s”

During my break at work, I was reading the Vancouver sun and came upon this article, Brogurt: The manly yogurt Chuck Norris would eat probably. Yogurt, has always been captured in the eye of consumers as a feminine product. We should all know the infamous Activia commercials of women eating Activia with an image of a belly dancer’s over their own stomach. Packed withB.L regularis, probiotic culture, exclusive to Danon. The yogurt market is expanding so quickly with consumer trends moving towards lower fat, lower calories types of yogurt. Last year, Iogo and Pepsico entered the competitive yogurt market.

Target Audience: Men 

You rarely see men boast about their favorite yogurts or how yogurt is o-so-yummy! Men don’t want to slim down, they want to build up. A U.S. Brand , Powerful Yogurt has introduced its own version of yogurt for men. Powerful Yogurt emphasizes on its “zero fat, man-sized” snacks that deliver all the health benefits but none of the risk of emasculation. Food media has given the name of this masculine yogurt, “brogurt”. Rephrasing the tagline “bros before ho’s” into “bros before yos” in attempt to position themselves in the untapped segment for men. Rebecca  Tuvel, PhD candidate commented that “If men are to buy in, Powerful yogurt cannot be portrayed as also for men, but only for men.”. Women’s participation in men’s product has been socially celebrated but for a men to participate in a female-idolized product is another story. Powerful Yogurts has positioned itself in the market where few or no yogurt companies has targeted, men. They are allowing men to celebrate their consumption of yogurt by building their yogurt with an image of masculinity, power and strength

Positioning Statement

Powerful Yogurt defines itself as a manly yogurt, differentiating itself from other competitive yogurt brands such as Activia, Iogo and Astro. The yogurt taste might not differ from other brands but how it promotes itself does. “For Men, By Men”, this strong and clear statement might only be understood by men.



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