Review of Video

The video made by last years student are interesting to say the least. Some can be seen as informative, clear, and easy to follow when others are not so much within that ball park. I will not go into detail about all the videos but I will state and argue for my two favourite videos and my two least favourite videos.

Two favourites

  1. Independence Narratives, Past and Present

This video covers the personalities of Simon Bolivar and Jose Marti and how they inspired future leaders like Castro and Chavez This was a bit of a longer video then the rest of the other video (maybe besides Toward an Uncertain future) but I would argue that the presenters of the video put into it more energy that is not really seen to much in other videos and the they delivered the information to the viewer through the use of interesting visuals and good use of video footage. Felt like the jokes they made were unneeded and there presentation on Hugo and Castro was slanted, but their overview on Bolivar was great and Marti was treated well also. Overall, enjoyable video.

2.   The Terror

This video covers the uprisings in Peru in the 20th and the early 21st century. The video is around the 12 minutes or more long but it delivers the information in a quick, clear, and easy way to understand. I would argue that the quality of the video lays in its unbiased approach toward both rebel groups and the government.  They highlight the good and the bad of both groups that were in placed in Peru in those turbulent times. The visuals are not that great but that really only holds a candle stick compared to how well they explain the aboriginal role in these revolts on both the rebel and government side. Overall, has a lot of good information, wonderfully unbiased, and had gave a detailed account on the aboriginal role in the conflict.


Two Least favourite

  1. The Meetings of Two Worlds

There is very little good to say about this video. The visual are non-existent, the information is delivered by awkward speakers, the transitions are bad, and the audio sounds dull at best. It seemed like it was rushed product and seemed like one person (namely the female speaker) was doing most of the work. It has good Information about what its talking about, but everything else is aesthetically displeasing.

2. Power to the People

There is not really anything extremely bad about this video but there is nothing extremely good about it either. It talks about Populism and Peronism with a bias against both topics and seems to come off as opposed to any politics based on approaching the people. Visuals are nothing to good, audio is bad a lot of the time, and it did not expand or provide any useful informations about the subject it was talking about. Overall, I found it boring, uninteresting, and extremely narrow on its subject matter.

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