Who I am


You’re probably here in an attempt to get a clue of what you’ll find in this blog. I’m afraid I don’t know. Some entries might document my travels & adventures, conversations with strangers, stories & myths from different cultures and ways of thinking, and philosophies & perspectives I might encounter along my journeys. Inevitably, there will be some political undertones crafted by my Latin American background. Every so often, I will include pictures I have taken as well as share different forms of art created by the odd and amazing human beings I am surrounded by.

That being said, my name is Nathaly and I am from Colombia, but I grew up moving constantly. I spent my awkward years in Costa Rica and graduated from high school in Dominican Republic. Now, by serendipity I ended up in university in Vancouver. In between these stops in my semi-nomadic lifestyle, I’ve been able to venture to many corners of the planet where I have heard unlikely stories and met unbelievable people. Here’s a little bit of what goes on in my head.

Enjoy. Much Love <3

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