Fewer than 30% of the full BCCPAC membership participated in this year’s AGM. Passing motions that call for regular criminal checks of teachers and defeating other motions that would have respected the rights of working people, the BCCPAC continued to affirm its particular vision of public education.

Amidst the motions were a few bright lights -most notably a resolution to encourage the use of safe products in schools and the recognition of FAS as a special education category and the restructuring school boards resolution.

*Voting results of the resolutions*

#1 Poll Vote for Amended Motions from Annual General Meeting *Defeated*

#2 Proxy Voting *Defeated*

#3 Full Membership for District Parent Advisory Councils *Carried*

#4 Safe Products *Carried*

#5 Special Education Category for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder *Carried*

#6 Funding for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Education/Behaviour Consultants*Carried*

#7 Separate Funding for Info Technology *Defeated*

#8 Access to Gaming Funds for School Playgrounds *Carried*

#9 Mandatory Graduation Requirements of 30 hours of Volunteer Work *Defeated*

#10 Alternate Sanctions for Financial Mismanagement by School Districts *Defeated*

#11 Rescind Resolution #2000.4 – Education as an Essential Service *Defeated*

#12 Mandatory Criminal Records Check Repeated Every Five Years for All School District Employees *Carried*

#13 Expansion of the Definition of a School Board Employee *Carried*

#14 School District Restructuring *Carried*

#15 Rescind Resolution # 2003.8 – Freedom to Educate *Defeated*

#16 School Planning Council CUPE Representative *Other__withdrawn by submitting PAC*

#17 Percentage of PACs that are Members *Defeated*

#18 Diversity Representation *Defeate*d

Special Resolution

#19 Changes to Bylaw 5.11 Nominations *Carried*

Late Resolution

#20 Ensuring the Rights of All Student *Carried * Please note corrected vote count: 248 for, 78 against and 16 abstentions

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