2006 Census data shows 40% increase in UBC/UEL Area

Data from the 2006 census shows that while nearby areas of Vancouver (Dunbar Heights, West Tench, and Spanish Banks) have near zero population growth, UBC/UEL areas have grown by almost 40%. Nearly one quarter of all housing (privately owned or rented) has been built since 2001. With further plans for housing in play it is likely that by the next census in 2011 the area population may well double again!

According to the 2006 census data there are 1,545 school age children living at UBC/UEL. There are an additional 680 children under the age of six.

Where are these kids going to school? Some of them (about 1,050) are in the two U Hills. But what about the rest of them? A few are in alternative programs like French Immersion at Jules Quesnel, a handful are even at Queen Elizabeth Annex. And, it is likely that a few are enrolled in private schools. But, the majority of these 500 children have to bus away from home to schools as far away as Bayview Elementary or Trafalgar.

The data shows what’s happening, growth in some areas stagnation in others. It’s time to Rebuild our Schools.

Download UBC/UEL 2006 Census Data.

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