Is there a COPE/Vision Deal?

While Vision has been telling it’s candidates that a deal has been struck, this is the public word from Ivan Bulic of COPE when asked whether there was a deal in place or not.

The COPE Executive will be reviewing a number of recommendations from the COPE Negotiating Ctte.

Details of these recommendations and any subsequent decisions will be released after the Executive have had an opportunity to fully consider and decide on the recommendations.

COPE had been asked if they could “confirm the story that Frances Bula broke this morning on her blog regarding the numbers of seats allocated to each party in a COPE/Vision agreement?” It was suggested that the public announcement of the agreement was to take place this coming Tuesday. Perhaps Bula’s announcement will alter the way things work out.

Despite there still being [early Sept. 9] no notice on either COPE or Vision webpages, the press release has gone out confirming the details. The only hold back is that COPE’s general membership must vote in favour of the deal September 14.

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