Frances Bula Comments on the VIsion Candidate Meetings

Sorting out the Vision candidates

By Frances Bula

I didn’t go to the presentations this week by the Vision candidates for the three slates, but I read and heard a fair bit about them.

It was a relief to have people talking about the issues, I sensed, instead of the jostling for votes and slate inclusion that has dominated for the past while. But one thing I noticed that in people’s comments about the three evenings was that, even though the sessions were about issues, the number of candidates is so overwhelming that the focus ended up being less on specific policy suggestions than how the candidates came across: knowledgeable, nervous, relaxed, funny, trying too hard, and so on.

In addition to the commentary from Charles Menzies about the school candidates that I posted previously, the only other coverage was from The Tyee.

Ken Clement’s Facebook Page

Facebook | Ken Clement for Vancouver Board of Education

Ken Clement has resided in Vancouver for twenty five years and is a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation (Cranbrook). As an urban Aboriginal person who attended residential school, he has faced adversity and oppression but continues to show community leadership. He firmly believes he can represent the best interests and empower all Vancouver residents.

Ken’s employment and volunteer experiences have given him direct opportunities to work with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

Ken’s community involvement has provided a voice on health, affordable housing, and social justice issues.
Within Vision Vancouver Ken will provide the specialized knowledge bridging the gap between the divergent communities within Vancouver.

“Neighbourhoods of Learning” the provincial version

The Report Card
J. Steffenhagen interviewed the minister of education on the Premier’s new project. The ‘Neighbourhoods of learning’ concept is one that VSB Super Chris Kelly has been promoting through last springs educational facilities review in the UBC/Dunbar area and it would seem was picked up by the province to frame projects in the Pt. Grey riding.

I had an interview today with Education Minister Shirley Bond about the Neighbourhoods of Learning project to be piloted in five schools, including two in Premier Gordon Campbell’s riding. I wrote a story for the paper but wasn’t able to include much from the interview, given time/space constraints. Here is the full meal deal, although – I hate to say it – I don’t think it sheds a lot of light.