The Report Card on VSB elections

Report Card

Vision Vancouver dominated in the board election as it did at city hall. All four of its candidates were elected, with Patti Bacchus leading the polls. (Her count was second only to Gregor Robertson and Raymond Louie.) The other Vision Vancouver winners are Mike Lombardi, Sharon Gregson and Ken Clement.

COPE incumbents Allan Wong and Al Blakey were re-elected along with Jane Bouey, who was a trustee from 2002-05.

The only Non-Partisan Association (NPA) trustees elected were former chair Ken Denike and vice-chair Carol Gibson.

2 thoughts on “The Report Card on VSB elections

  1. What I see in the numbers is: Big winner Bacchus (1679 votes ahead of Lombardi, who together with Clement and Gregson packed tightly together just behind him (675 votes between each of them) rode the Vision train.

    Then we have the first big split, with 5400 fewer votes comes Allan Wong, and almost *7000 votes below Wong* we have Blakey and Bouey (only 800 votes between then). Then a small split (1450 votes) for Denike and Gibson, essentially tied with Bargeman and Holden.

    In my opinion, one of the big stories here is how Allan Wong separated clearly from the rest of the COPE candidates, sprinting ahead of Blakey and Bouey. Note that, over 12000 votes (10% of the total votes) separate Blakey from the last Vision candidate, while the first NPA candidate comes in just behind Blakey (1.8% of the total vote less than him). The vote difference between Wong and Blakey was more than three times larger than the difference between Blakey and Denike (and Gibson, who came just half of a percent point behind).

    So, in terms of vote endorsement I see 4 groups in the new board: (a) Bacchus; (b) the rest of Vision; (c) Allan Wong; and (d) Blakey, Bouey, Denike and Gibson, these last 4 fairly close to each other, and to the other 2 candidates coming just below them (with only 60 votes between them) (Bargeman and Holden).

    I am happy.

    The full (voting station by voting station) data set is available at

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