Nutrikids is a UBC student initiative that provides nutrition education workshops in Vancouver elementary schools.

Student volunteers work in pods to plan and run interactive workshops. Our focus is to teach fundamental nutrition concepts and decision-making skills that will help children make healthy choices and establish positive dietary habits.

Each workshop, the student volunteers visit the classroom, bringing stories, songs, games, a variety of bread, fruits and vegetables, and a message that goes with them: good food and physical activity are smart choices.

We embrace two guiding principles:

1. To bring our passion to kids in the community and advocate the importance of healthy eating and living through classroom workshops.

2. To provide university students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practical skills in nutrition education.

Our fundamental belief is that giving kids the opportunity to touch, feel, smell, taste, and experience a variety of whole foods, is key to cultivating a lasting relationship to healthy eating for life – therefore healthy, happy kids.

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