Volunteer Testimony

Our experience at Vanhorne Elementary was definitely a memorable one. The children of were so cute. They were very eager to learn and surprised us with their in depth knowledge of food and nutrition. Contrary to what we expected, they had a broad understanding of the food groups. The kids opted for very health lunches and snacks compared to what we used to eat as children. We lead a class discussion about what types of food you should include in each of your meals. We also played a flashcard game where the class needed to guess what a food item was based on questions about the food. Finally, we allowed each student to make yogurt parfaits, incorporating all the food groups including nuts, seeds, berries, and granola as toppings. We had a very positive experience and we are sure the kids did as well. We would definitely recommend everyone to participate this valuable experience.

РArryn Burant, Sea Chang, Alina Bychkova

A thank you note from a teacher

I’m a teacher at QE Elementary down the hill from UBC. I just wanted to thank you for coordinating this program for students. Fiona and other presenters (can’t recall names, sorry) came to present to the gr.4/5 students. They really enjoyed this visit and we’ve continued on with this topic. It is so great that educational, free, informative workshops about health are available and accessible for our students.