Peru Election 2006

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Readers of this blog will notice we have not posted anything in a couple of days. We have made the transcontinental trip from rainy Vancouver to sunny Peru. From now on we will write from Peru—mainly Lima, but our intention is also to travel within Peru. Our new location will change the content of our postings somewhat. In particular, there will be more content based on our own direct observations. That said, we will continue to provide the service of linking to sources such as polls, other blogs, and newspaper articles available on the Internet. We welcome comments on what we’re doing—or not doing—that readers may wish to make.
And a reminder to our readers: this weblog is academic and nonpartisan. We welcome comments and reactions and we do not mind if readers vent a little or express enthusiasm for candidates or express partisan ideas (as long as we are not mistaken for representing one or another of the parties in contention). However, abusive, sexist, racist, or demeaning language of any sort should seek outlet elsewhere. Thanks.

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January 9th, 2006 at 12:06 am

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