Previous Supervision

Committee member – Doctoral Level: 
  • Sara Koopman. (2012).  Making Space for Peace: International Accompaniment as Alter-geopolitics. PhD in Geography. Principal supervisor: Derek Gregory.
  • Mok Escueta. (2010). Popular Education In Collective Recovery and Reconstruction From Continuing Complex Traumatic Stress: A Collaborative Psychoeducation Approach. PhD in Educational Studies. Principal supervisor: Shauna Butterwick.
  • Gloria Stella Barrera. (2009). PhD in Rural Studies, Javeriana University of Colombia. Principal supervisor: Flor Edilma Osorio.
  • Fabio Cabarcas. (2010). Harnessing the Community Capacity of Small Farmer Organizations To Reduce Pesticide-Related Environmental Health Risks: A Case Study in an Indigenous Community in the Southern Ranges of Ecuador, 2007-2008. PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies. Principal supervisor: Jerry Spiegel.
  • Birdie Benzanson. (2009). Lost in Translation: an ethnographic study of traditional healers in the Açorean Islands of Portugal. PhD in Educational and Counselling Psychology. Principal supervisor: Susan James.
Principal supervisor – Master in Social Work (MSW) program:  
  • Kamal Karbar Pooni. (2011).
  • Ronu Gill. (2011).
  • Gwen Montgomery. (2010).
  • Sharon Dulay. (2009).
  • Janice Hamel. (2009).
  • Shimpei Shihara. (2009).
  • Carrie Smith. (2009).
  • Hilda-Klara Banda. (2009).
  • Christina Seo. (2009).
  • Becky Hynes. (2008).
  • Amenda Kumar. (2008).
  • Maria Lyrintz. (2008).
  • Yukiko Yasuda. (2008).
  • Sarah Galuska. (2007).
  • Sharan Sandhy. (2007).
  • Maria Nguyen. (2007). The Help-seeking Experiences of Refugee Women: Metaphors of Resilience, Resistance and Reconstruction of Identities.
  • Tasnim Nathoo. (2006).
  • April Arsenault.  (2006). Life Cycle Experiences and Influences of Adoption through Aboriginal Adult’s Stories.
  • Ayesha Haider. (2005). Racism post September 11, 2001: Perceptions and Experiences of Vancouver’s Muslim Community.
  • Edith Kambere. (2004) Mental Health in African Immigrant and Refugee Women: The Impact of Pre- and Post-Migration Traumas on Their Integration.
Committee member – Master in Social Work (MSW) program:
  • Anna Cavouras. (2011). Principal supervisor: Margaret Wright.
  • Tamara Holdal. (2011). Principal supervisor: Frank Tester.
  • David O’Brien. (2004). Principal supervisor: Grant Charles.
  • Sandra Teves. (2004).  The Systematic Impacts of War. Child Soldiers and Artists in Mozambique. A Cultural and Structural Analysis. Principal supervisor: Frank Tester.
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