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The Importance of Place

This is a new category I have added to the blog, which reflects my long standing interest in the relationship between people and their environment whether constructed or natural. As an undergraduate sociology major my primary interest was in urban sociology, and I continue to be interested in the ways in which space is created by and creates humans and their interactions. Some of the existing posts, especially related to image based research, relate to this notion of place and have been tagged accordingly.

More to come…


Lots of good examples of photovoice are available on the web. Here is a link to photovoice projects that explore the experience of women living in poverty in central Canada. This project has created a useful Photovoice Manual which includes definitions, strategies, advantages/disadvantages.

And, one based on research about health issues for non-gay African American men who have sex with men. This project was on display at the San Francisco Public Library in December 2007.