the importance of analytics in the digital space

Back in September I read this article on AdWeek about how Social Analytics are transforming the digital space. I’ve known Analytics in Digital Marketing are of up-most importance as I worked with them all summer (especially so Facebook analytics) but it hasn’t occured to me how important Analytics are until A)  Until we covered it in depth during Class 17 and B) I started running my first ever AdWords campaign. So let’s briefly look into both aspects:


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A) In Class 17 we discussed that measuring Social Media = measuring Value. This we do either through Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics and HootSuite. With all 3 platforms we can gain so much knowledge about our consumers or audience, what they do, how they dig and if our content is relevant to them. We track post views, unique views, viral views etc. We ultimately learn everything about our audience, who is responding and who isn’t. As a brand this is key information when running any campaign and especially so when you want to talk to people who actually care. While working with StarCom MediaVest this summer analytics is all we talked about, and its funny how this now keep appearing in my life. Kudos to my internship, I actually learnt something 🙂

googleadwordsB) AdWords is not easy to navigate at first – but definitely fun to play around with once you get the gist of it. But its fun because you always see the changes immediately and how they affect your campaign including the %served, impressions, CTR etc. This way with the analytics coming into effect immediately you have the chance to craft your perfect advertising campaign. Let’s see how successful I actually end up being with this!

Nevertheless, Analytics are everywhere and even platforms like Instagram are starting to adopt them as everyone clearly sees value in being able to hammer down what’s working and not working for them. Talk about taking advertising to the next level. I wonder how they measured all this 50 years ago, counting people? I’m kidding… Let’s make sure to fully take advantage of the gifts technology provides us with today, such as anayltics!


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