A look into 2015. Digitally.

digital-marketing-social-mediaThe new year is coming up quicker than we think, and many businesses may be inclined to copy last year’s strategy and all will be good. BAD IDEA. Why? Because digital is fast moving. Sujan Patel from Forbes interviewed 20 Digital Marketing experts  in this article, and came up with the following 5 predictions, alongside my opinion!

  1. Content Will Be More Important Than Ever
    This shouldn’t really be any news to us as we have covered this in class over and over again. I believe this is point number one as I was able to experience this first hand while I was working on Heineken’s Facebook strategy. Good Content = Relevance = Happy Fans = More Sales. In the end let’s not forget, were investing money to get a ROI, not to get likes on our posts.
  2. Marketing Channels Will Be Even More Connected
    Content creation, search optimization and social media will become more intertwined than ever and potentially not even looked upon again as separate things but one giant resource. Everyone likes interconnectivity, so no complaints there.
  3. Mobile Will Take Over
    That one should be no news to us.  But analytic’s are becoming more and more and important part of this as well. And at last the wearable tech trend that requires mobile function will play a factor in an increase of mobile usage once more.
  4. Marketing Campaigns Will Be More Data-Driven & More Hyper-Targeted
    Targeted messages for just YOU – based on who, what, were you are. Creepy right, but its coming, and its powerful. 
  5. The Laggards Will Finally Adopt
    Funny, because our guest speaker’s company A&W was technically a laggard. Pretty much every company will realize that Social is no longer a phenomenon but a must instead. 


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