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18382009For Class 20 prep I was happy to see something refreshing, inching a bit away from Digital and pulling back in Marketing side of things. Having always been my own ambitious self, and someone who started to build my own brand the minute I entered University I thought this article was a good example of how powerful branding can be in today’s world. I’m a bit of a hypocrite in the sense that one year ago my vision for my life was completely different from now – but even though my vision changed I never stopped having one. And that is the essence to building your personal brand. Never stop having a vision.

The article mentioned something important ” You have to separate yourself from the competition. You have to be more appealing to your target audience and you can achieve it by creating a recognizable personal brand.” Competition ranging anywhere from your fellow Sauder students to people across the world. I realized automatically that I have a competitive advantage in the European Job Market because I’m both Canadian & European and used European Companies as my Target Market. And Voila, I have completed both my internships in Europe. It may sound simple – and its not but at least I knew early on that I was extra competitive in Europe and was able to use it to my advantage.

Next is my Digital presence. My digital spaces represent who I am. So what my Gmail and Twitter is pink? And yes my Facebook banners are mostly branded of me standing at a scenic point facing with my back – so you can’t actually see my face. But its my personal brand. Its now I choose to represent myself to the world. I don’t have a problem with having my past & future employers on Facebook either. My past boss likes almost all my picture and posts because she is  still interested in me as a person but also my digital presence. vienna

Mentors. Yes the article covers this as well. I just recently got a new mentor and she’s definitely a #GIRLBOSS! I was a little bit intimidated meeting her first, because part of my personal brand is wearing bright lipstick colors. That day I wore pink. My Mentor entered the coffee shop and she was wearing bright red lipstick. I knew from that moment on – we would get along just fine.

Which leads me into my final note about personal branding. That day I could have chosen to wear a nude colored lipstick – but I didn’t. Why? Because it wouldn’t have been me. I’ve always been true to myself and maybe that is what ultimately has driven the ambitions within myself. But I’m on this planet for a reason. My reason surely isn’t to try to be someone else, rather its making an a lasting impact that people will remember for the lifetimes to come.



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