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We discussed the new Social Media Platform Ello a while back in class. Scrolling through Ally Anderson’s Blog and through the Digital News reminded me that well I also would like to state my opinion about Ello. I briefly mentioned it in one of my past blog posts but lets get into the nitty gritty of things.

elloWhen you log onto the first thing that hit’s your face is: A smiley without eyes and the slogan “Simple, beautiful & ad-free”. And then you have an option to request an invitation – which by the way I had done two months ago, but nada. Great…

But one thing Ally mentioned that grabbed my attention was this “You can follow people as ‘friends’ or ‘noise’ but they will never know which section you categorized them into – again further allowing you to customize the content that you want to see”. Its like the Facebook feature where you turn off the notifications from the annoying people on your wall (we all have them right?) but this seems like they stepped it up a notch.

Overall the layout of Ello is very simplistic yet powerful. I went into one of the profiles and liked the high quality images that were the center piece of his profile. It cuts out all the unnecessary things Facebook has added over the years it seems. As an outsider it looks like a very nice platform and of course I would love to have the opportunity to try it soon. Only then can I give my full opinion on how the platform is.ello.jpg

For now I will stick to Facebook instead. I do adore Facebook. And I already have all my friends, family (including Grandparents) on there, so in order for me to switch Ello will really have to prove itself to the world and how its worthy of our precious time these days. From my side and from what I’ve seen I do not think this will be the “Next Facebook”. But only time can tell…

Image Source: Both Screen Shots from Ello directly

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