It’s funny how you have random epiphanies sometimes. It may simply come from sitting at the beach, talking to your best friend or waking up while making your morning coffee (or tea in my case). The end of the summer is approaching and marketing recruit is slowly killing us, which got me thinking what is something I truly love to do.

This summer I was fortunate enough to work for a pretty cool company, specializing in digital marketing. Going into this, I knew I loved everything digital from Tesla’s, to video games, to gadgets, to software updates, to you know – there’s endless tech stuff out there! Coming out of it, I know I love it even more.

So here we go. As this is my first blog, I won’t necessarily follow the guidelines of identifying a marketing issue, but rather tell you why I chose digital and why I believe in tech.

Vice-city-coverSo lets rewind. Its 2002 – I’m 10 years old. My mom enters my room and sees that I picked up some software from the library. She catches me with another software that supposedly should copy software number 1. Of course that’s highly illegal, but she let her 10 year old do it anyways. The software I was copying was actually one where you could learn to type with all my 10 fingers. Starting that day I practiced everyday until I became the best 10 year old typer on the planet. Its funny one exchange in Hong Kong (fast forward to 2013) I would have typing competitions, but with a speed of almost 100 WPM, its going to be hard to beat me right?

So why did I want to learn this in the first place? Well, I wasn’t so much interested in Barbies growing up – rather I preferred playing GTA Vice City and using the cheats to make life easier and beat my missions. You’re probably wondering, ok so why do you need to type fast? Simply because I thought it was easier and more efficient for me to cheat in the game this way. And that’s how it all started…

From there on I never gave up. I always wanted the newest gadgets, I wanted to learn more about computers, software etc. which eventually lead me to digital marketing.


adidas Smart Run in case you’re interested: http://micoach.adidas.com/en/smartrun

My boss this summer called me a digital “Nerd”… from fixing his Ipod to helping him strategizing our Facebook Advertisements in 53 countries it was all great fun. But what’s most important is that, in digital or tech for that matter were just beginning. When working at adidas we were one of the first to launch a “Smart Watch” and recently Samsung launched theirs, Apple followed suit and well the competition always grows fierce. But I truly believe in digital and do think it’s going to take over the world. So for now, let’s do our best to get used to everything that’s out there – stay on top of the latest trends, and who knows maybe one day we can even be a part of the team that leads innovation.

And with that, only time can tell…


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