What’s up LAST100?

Hey guys,

My name is Rachel. I have just started my first semester at UBC. I am from Ontario originally, and am very excited to live on this side of the country now.

Besides going to school, I work with non-profits & non-profit fundraising, am a long-distance runner, love surfing and hiking, dancing & chillin’ at Vancouver beaches.

My interest in LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES springs from having worked with NGO’s that work in Latin America, my best friend and roommate is from Manta, Ecuador… I love Latin American artists & authors (!!Junot Diaz!!), Latin America in pop culture (Narcos, anyone?), and most of all, having traveled for 4 months last year all over Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

I feel like it is important to have a deeper understanding of a culture that positively influences my life, on the daily.

Catch you in the Swing building!


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