Informal Reflections from Canada

To follow on from Roger’s post I thought I add the following commentary, and also invite responses from everyone on their thoughts on the project to date. Don’t hold back!!
From my perspective the project has got off to a great start and we were very impressed with the quality, and thought that went into the initial responses to our questions. We found drawing up and sequencing some challenging questions linking to current events a lot of fun, and hope you are enjoying thinking about the issues. I too have been a little surprised by the assent to some of the issues we have raised, and welcome flippant or even radical dissent as it is good to get debate going ūüôā¬† The different backgrounds of science are part of our interest in this project, and¬†¬†like the UK contingent, my sense is that philosophy of science is not covered much in the undergraduate curriculum here too. I would be keen to hear what our Canadian students experiences here have been with this.

Participation has been a challenge, and as Roger notes we knew you folks would be very busy, but nevertheless the comitment seen to date is very impressive and we hope eveyone will get into a bit of festive spirit as we approach the holiday season, and exams are over, and can contribute more of their thoughts. As roger notes brief and irreverent answers are very welcome, and also links or other ideas people think we should consider.

Aniother issues for us (apart from Roger’s strange choice of headwear and excessive interest in chocolate) seem to have been the logistics of getting the partnerships sorted and choosing which applications to use. We will be very keen to see which ones¬†you have found most helpful. E.g. Youtube videos, Skype, Facebook or Blog postings. Anyhow it has been a busy¬†term and we hope it is going well for you. We look forward to more irreverent science debate in the coming weeks, and I shall of course be delivering my next video without a script or any¬†post-production as… errr…¬†usual. Now where is that beginners guide to CGI….