It’s been a while since I put up a post (oh no! are we seeing a recurring pattern?) and a lot has happened… 

This weekend was busy. Saturday we had Vanier Olympics (Color Wars in Totem) and well, I don’t even need to say this but I’ll say it for the people that don’t live in Vanier: my house was sooooo cool. It was very fun, I feel bad for the people that missed it. Saturday night was Graffiti night. Basically, lots of strangers writing on you, kind of weird, but it’s always good to dance!!

I also went to the VP Emerging Leaders Program, if you missed it, don’t worry. All it is is a way of keeping track of your involvement on campus, which you can do on your own. 

And…talking about involvement!! here’s the list of the clubs I joined:

– Association of Latin American Students – for obvious reasons, went to the BBQ, it was OK, a little quiet though. 

– The Italian Club – they organize movie night and discussions, I might as well practice my italian before I forget it!

– Africa Awareness – we don’t really get to learn about African culture in Guatemala, so I think this is a good way of learning new things while having fun :)

– International Student Association – again, for obvious reasons. 

I also joined the mailing list of:

– the UBC Farm – I’m really looking forward to volunteering with them, I miss my plants from home!!

– Common Energy – check them out, I think they do some really cool stuff in the area of sustainability 

– Best Buddies – a program that pairs you up with people with disabilities and you see them throughout the year once or twice a month. I’m actually looking for something similar but with children, can anyone help me??

I also wanted to join the Food Society but I was too late to the SUB, so I’ll have to do that some other day… 

I don’t know if I joined too many things, but today I found myself writing 3 e-mails to clubs saying that I was busy during the info sessions but I would still like to participate. I just realized that maybe this means I’m doing too much?? :p I’ll let you know when my nervous breakdown happens!! 

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to be as involved with the AUS elections as I wish, but I plan to read about all the candidates before I make my votes and I encourage all of you to do the same!!

And finally, to end on a happy note: today I had a spectacular day! it was WE DAY!! an event organized by Free the Children.  Amongst many amazing speakers was the Dalai Lama, one of my personal heroes. He spoke about making this century a century of peace through compassion. I really recommend you all to check out his speeches, they are awesome. 


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