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I am proud to say that today I made two great discoveries that I really want to share with all the other soon-to-be-panicking first year students. As my calendar fills up with assignments, quizzes, readings, etc. I decided to start trying out some of the much advertised “academic tactics” (can’t think of a better word, any ideas?)

Discovery #1 – studying in the library!  seriously, today I was a little bit early to class and instead of coming back to my room I decided to venture into the Xwi7xwa library (right in front of the Geography building). It is, as Morgan would say, AMAZING! All the books and the silence and the studious faces somehow magically prevent you from using facebook or skype or whatever it is that you use as a distraction from reading. Now I don’t have to think about the tempting bed or friendly neighbours anymore :). Please, please, please try it! 

Discovery #2 – LEAP! or at least a tool in LEAP. It’s called Assignment Calculator and this is how they explain things for you to make it easy:

  1. type in www.leap.ubc.ca
  2. with the mouse scroll down until you see a little clock with “Assignment Calculator” written next to it
  3. clic on the link
  4. fill in the date when your assignment is given and the date when it’s due
  5. Voila!
  6. or, as I would explain it, clic here

OK, this will break up your assignment into little actions with dates, so you can actually do a little bit at a time. BUT! that’s not it! you can set it up so that it sends you e-mails reminding you everyday of what you have to do. If this is not enough for you I don’t know what to say… at least you’ll feel bad and you’ll have to think about it every time you get an e-mail!

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4 Responses to learning to study

  1. Em says:

    XD! So I walked into your room this afternoon to see if you wanted to quietly read with me and guess where I found you? On your bed with your book open next to you. What happened to this whole library deal? I hope your assignments are getting done…even if they’re at odd hours at the night when I’m sleeping :)

  2. Valentina says:

    well.. the library isn’t open at night!! I’m doing some reading now.. but tomorrow we can read together :)

  3. Parris says:

    Libraries are really good for that. If I want to actually get some studying/homework done, it has to be by myself, and in a quiet place. Oh, and keeping my laptop tucked away in my bag helps too.

    Thanks for that tip on the LEAP site! I will definitely try it. Oh, and btw, I never got to say hi at the blog brunch. I was the one who came late and sat on the end. Sorry! :(

  4. Carman Lam says:

    I am so happy you blogged about LEAP!!!!! You have no idea! I work on the website (that is my job, aside from managing the Blog Squad) so that makes me so excited! Keep up the great posts :)

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