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I haven’t updated this blog in a while, but … who can blame me? this first week has been crazy, fun, but crazy. I don’t have Frosh, but I did have Jump Start, Gala and Imagine. A quick note on that for arts: WE CAN MAKE MORE NOISE!!! 

Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to write down what I think about my classes, if you’re in any of them please comment, I’d love to hear what you think! :)

  • LAST 100 this was my first class and I was late! My excuse is that the e-mail from UBC was very confusing about which classes were not canceled on Imagine day. However, I am VERY excited about this class, it was a nice surprise to hear that a lot of what we’ll be studying will be from Guatemala. Both profs. seem nice, but the chairs are arranged in a weird uncomfortable way (IKBL 155.)
  • ANTH 100 if it wasn’t for the fact that this class is at 8 I would have nothing to complain about. We’ve only had one lecture, but the readings are very interesting (Nisa and Mirror for Humanity). I was also late for the first tutorial (NOTE TO ALL: do not write down that a class is at 10:30 when it’s at 10:00. It will cause people to look at you funny when you walk into the room.)
  • GEOG 121 this prof. seems like a very nice guy. I like the course but I have to accept that I haven’t opened the readings yet, I’ll do it soon. Please remember that even if the day is sunny and warm and it feels like the perfect day to not carry a sweater around … this room gets cold. You will, like me, spend the whole time thinking “I will never again forget my sweater.” Also, if you sit close to the front you’ll be able to see a magical computer that writes down every word said in the room, you will spend 20 minutes wondering in awe how it works and why technology is so much more intelligent that you and five minutes before the class ends you will notice that it’s actually a woman typing down the words and not the not-so-magical computer. At this point you will inevitably feel stupid.
  • RELG 100 this prof. is the best, I love how passionate she is about what she does. It’s very entertaining. I also kind of like her disapproval of powerpoint (that they prevent you from thinking during lectures). The books are very interesting but also very expensive, I am still looking for a cheaper Religions of the World…
  • CRWR 202 This professor is one of those people that you either really like or really dislike. I’m not sure yet, so I’ll just keep my comments on this course until I go to more lectures.

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I'm from a small and beautiful town next to a big and amazing lake in Guatemala.
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2 Responses to on courses…

  1. Tyler says:

    What is LAST? Language Studies?

    And let me know how you like RELG 100 :) It looks interesting.

  2. Valentina says:

    hey tyler! LAST is Latin American Studies
    which courses are you taking?

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