Once upon a time the AMS…

…voted to eliminate the International Student Representative seat.

Actually, it was today.

After about an hour of debate the AMS Council decided that having a non-voting international student representative is not the way that they want to engage with international students.

Well… I have to say that I am deeply dissapointed.

If they had a plan about how to engage with international students, maybe this wouldn’t look so bad. But this seat was a starting point with the potential of becoming a central point.

But it’s done and it’s time to look to other options.

There is an increased interest in creating a truly represented interntional student community at UBC, and this year has seen a lot of talk around it.

I say we work with the ISA.

What do you say?

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4 Responses to Once upon a time the AMS…

  1. Tyler says:

    Just wondering, are international students not allowed to take the other seats? Or are the other seats open to anybody?

  2. valentina says:

    They’re open to everyone. However, as an Arts representative, for example, you first priority owuld be the interest of Art students.

  3. Mary L says:

    However, as an Arts representative, for example, you first priority owuld be the interest of Art students.

    I think that’s the thing, though: If you are an Arts international student, your Arts representative would be representing your views. Likewise, each international student is already represented by their own faculty reps. Sure, there may be issues which domestic students face differently from international students, but any international student can run as an AMS rep for each faculty.

  4. Tyler says:

    I agree with Mary; I think being divided into faculties is division enough. If we create positions for every party, we’ll have international spots, domestic spots, spots for those from specific countries or regions, gender-specific spots, aboriginal spots, sexuality-specific spots, religion-specific spots, etc.

    I think the best way to get your voices heard would be to vote for an international representative (or run for the position yourself) in the next election. I don’t think trying to open another position is the best idea.

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