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Summer Trip

This summer I went backpacking in Uruguay and Argentina with my sister. It was an amazing trip, especially because we used CouchSurfing. (hahaha that sounds like an I-lost-50-pounds add) We met incredible people and visited places that were just spectacular. … Continue reading

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Representation. re-pre-sen-ta-tion. rep-res-ent-at-ion. r-E-p-r-e-S-e-n-t-a-T-i-on?

How to say it? How to shape it? How to make it work?

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Tic Tac Tax

It’s that time of the year again. Except that doesn’t mean anything to me. Taxes? Yes, we do pay taxes in Guatemala… I guess. The thing is, I’ve never filled out a tax form, and I’m not even talking about … Continue reading

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Once upon a time the AMS…

…voted to eliminate the International Student Representative seat. Actually, it was today. After about an hour of debate the AMS Council decided that having a non-voting international student representative is not the way that they want to engage with international … Continue reading

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Finding new and creative ways to engage students

It feels like we have been bombarded with information these last few weeks as we deal with three issues that affect all students: housing, AMS elections and tuition increase. It is my first time experiencing this at UBC, so I’m … Continue reading

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International Student Representative – An Interview

Brittany Perna? Our new International Student Rep? Who is she? I’ve seen Brittany three times this week; at the 2010/11 Tuition Increase Proposal, at yesterday’s AMS Council Meeting and today, when I had a chance to ask her some questions … Continue reading

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Letter to the International Student Association (ISA) -> because we need to talk more about international students’ issues!

Dear Blake McDermott, My name is Valentina Vargas and I am a first year international student at UBC. Unfortunately, I write to express my dissatisfaction about what I see as a grave problem with the relationship between the ISA and … Continue reading

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The Broken Bench

There’s a bench in Place Vanier Common’s Block. It’s broken. It’s been broken for a while. I once forgot and sat on it anyway. I felt very stupid. A few days ago I was studying in the bench next to … Continue reading

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Help Hear Haiti

Wow… I feel like my blog has become an advertisement page! But, it’s not my fault that there are so many cool events that people should know about. So, here I go again: UBC Help Hear Haiti Showcase: A Fundraiser to … Continue reading

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Africa Awareness Conference Week

Involving Africa in the Creation of Global Citizens ( JAN 18 Opening Night: “Past, Present & Future of the African Studies Program at UBC Join us in exploring the history of the UBC African Studies Program at a vibrant African … Continue reading

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