Camp Fircom

“Fircom believes that education is a means to conquer the challenges facing our world, and therefore provides the spaces, tools, and instructors to create unforgettable educational moments.”

Camp Fircom, originally known as ‘First Community’, began as a mission in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver and was an outreach program for the underprivileged children in the community.

Today, Fircom’s purpose is to provide the opportunity for people to form a healthy, sustainable community in nature. These communities are formed by Fircom-led programs or rental groups. To create this type of community, Fircom programs focus on the well-being of the individual, the group, and the environment. Fircom is able to offer quality, affordable camping programs by running a top-notch, year-round venue rental service.

Focusing on education and community, the connection between Camp Fircom and SALA is based on the combined desire of both groups to help foster rich learning environments and enhanced life experiences.

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