Built on a tight budget Salala is a cabin of innovation that challenges the norms of what a small off-grid cabin in the woods can be.

Composed of a series of repetitive A-frames the large interior space of the cabin maintains a hundred square foot footprint by angling one of the walls into the forest.  Recognizing the limits of its small footprint the cabin takes advantage its height by including a mezzanine level that has a small bedroom and reading area. Connecting the ground floor, to the vanity area, and up to the mezzanine is a ladder that is incorporated into the structure. Outside the wrap-around deck extends the interior space into an outdoor living room.

Through the construction of Salala, and under the guidance of their advisor Greg Johnson, Lys Hermanski and Taylor Fahy helped establish the design+build program as a vital part of SALA’s growing curriculum as it continues to prove its importance in student development.

Salala was designed and built in the spring/summer of 2015.





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Lys Hermanski | Taylor Fahy


Tai Adler | Taylor Fahy | Vahid Farbod |Lys Hermanski | Aaron Logan | Emily Seider | Nicole Tischler

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