Greg Johnson

With a background in architecture and engineering, Greg has integrated the two disciplines throughout his 30-year architectural practice. He was part of early passive solar design and energy conservation initiatives, and recently larger issues of sustainability and high-performance buildings.

Greg maintains an involvement in practice as a partner in the firm Principle Architecture, whose work focuses primarily on institutional projects throughout British Columbia, much of it with School Districts, non-profit organizations, and First Nation communities.

Greg has played a key role in establishing the annual design-build course for students to obtain practical construction experience, and is active in coordinating and promoting the architectural co-op program to place students in work situations.

Contact: gjohnson@sala.ubc.ca

Annalisa Meyboom

AnnaLisa teaches architectural structures courses, research studios, advanced structures and computing seminars, and design-build courses. She emphasizes the ability to integrate the highly technical, the beautiful, and the environmental simultaneously and seamlessly into a built form. She believes it is the ability to work with all these media fluently that creates projects of critical relevance.

She directs the research into future transportation and its catalytic relationship to urban form in her in interdisciplinary research group, Transportation Infrastructure and Public Space, and also researches the use of structural behaviour algorithms in the generation of architectural form. She maintains a blog on her research and teaching

AnnaLisa is a practicing engineer and has a background in bridge design.

Contact: ameyboom@sala.ubc.ca

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