The project, completed in 2023, is a storage facility and waiting area located on the main dock to Keat’s Camps – located on Keat’s Island in Howe Sound. The project stores water sports equipment as well as serves as a covered waiting area for people waiting at the dock. The project serves as a beacon for the camp – signifying its presence on the water and signage for the Camp’s main access point. The students replaced a dilapidated boat house but re-used the foundations.

The project was undertaken with the support of Keats Camps. 

The students designed and built the structure which features curved glulam beams which give the building it’s formal expression. As well they used polycarbonate to provide an enclosure, allowing the structure to glow at night – providing a lantern effect on the water. The building provides an entrance and signage feature on the water for the camp. 



designed & built

Kenneth Anggara | Chloe Boisvert | Nora Boone | Annika Dixon-Reusz | David Kalman | Zach Morris | Hemi Patel | Tara Porter | Sophia Proust | Jayda Saydam | Tyler Solu | Piero Sovrani | Zainab Wakil

teaching assistants

Lys Hermanski | Robert Turriff | Graham Entwistle


Greg Johnson | AnnaLisa Meyboom

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