Covered in dense, green forest, Gambier island is a sanctuary of wilderness. Among the sparsely populated inlets lies Camp Fircom, a versatile retreat which operates with deep respect for the incredible scenery and ecology around it.

The off-the-grid cabin is in middle of the island’s rainforest and is only accessible by foot. Surrounded by a cathedral of trees the cabin is placed in a small clearing on a gentle slope, floating above the ground in order to respect and leave the landscape pristine.

The cabin is designed to accommodate two tenants throughout the summer months in the intimate sleeping pod. The interior room is a tranquil space among the vastness of the forest. Drawing on the nostalgia of camp, additional sleeping spaces offers two open-air bunks and a loft area above. This densely programmed and detailed pod is sheltered under a light roof structure. The exterior cedar deck that wraps culminates in a generous outside room at the southern end, which overlooks the fire pit.

Salamander one of two projects completed in the Spring/Summer of 2016.




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designed & built

Alyssa Brosch | Jérémie Dussault-Lefebvre | Sébastien Roy | Christopher Torres | Kelsey Whitten

teaching assistant

Lys Hermanski

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