GEOS 102 Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems
Energy and water in the Earth-Atmosphere system, global climates and climate change, ecosystem properties and processes, human impacts.

GEOS 200 Atmospheric Environments
Physical principles underlying weather and climates. Thermal, moisture and wind climates from the scale of plants and animals to the globe. Daily weather systems and climate change.

GEOS 300 Microscale Weather and Climate
Meteorology and climatology at the micro-, local, and meso-scales. Interactions between land surfaces and atmosphere. Basics of atmospheric turbulence and transfer processes. Microclimates on scales of a leaf to those of a large valley.

GEOS 401 Urban Meteorology
The impact of urbanization upon atmospheric processes and climates. The energy and water balances of cities. Meteorological effects (urban heat island, precipitation modification, etc.) and their significance. Models of the urban atmosphere.