My Student Video Thoughts

I choose the Student Video titled “Modernity of Latin America” by Farjo, T., et al., as the first video, I would watch.  I found this video informative and eye-catching.  Throughout the video, I learned a lot about how different countries within South America had organic goods to trade and grow their economy.  I really enjoyed the images displayed throughout the video as well,  they were a great visual representation of what the presenters were depicting. I enjoyed learning about how family dynamics changed at this time,  how women began to work.

The second video I watched was “Speaking truth into power” by Daniel Starr and Mackenzie Baxter (2014).  I had to skim through this video as I could not get any sound, I checked my system and YouTubes volume settings, so I believe this may have been an issue with the student’s microphone.  Other than that, what I saw was that all of the pictures provided in the video were all at the end of the video,  I don’t know if there is an image requirement for this assignment but it seemed like it was put there last minute.  I really wish I could have heard what they said so I could have more to say.

The third video I watched was by Brendan Bayer et al., “The Agricultural Export Boom”, 2017.  I picked this video because the thumbnail made it look like it was going to be very informative.  I also thought that their introduction was very well done as they introduced the topic and explained what subtopics would be covered and by whom.  I found that the timelines created and provided were very helpful to not only visualize the progression but helped to understand it.  There were some areas where the arrows used were confusing.  Finally, I noticed that they included their bibliography at the end of the video.

Finally, I watched “citizenship and rights in the new Republics”, Anna Lake-Soros and David Waine from 2014.  This video had some music in the background, I only found this distracting because there were some moments where the music was distracting.  I also liked that each subtopic was separated and that both students had a chance to contribute.

Overall I really enjoyed this activity because it gave me a glimpse into what will be covered in this class, as well as, what this assignment looks like.  I definitely have some expectations for how I would like to do my video.


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