Week 4- Independence

This week we looked at how history is told.  We talk about Simon Bolivar, Marti, Hugo Chavez, the Haitian revolution and who the elites began to worry.  Finally  is mentioned in the readings so I took a moment to read about who she was.


Simon Bolivar was a masn looking yto stop the Spainards who were destroying his land.  He was a Venezuelan man and solider in the Sounth American moement, looking for libsrstion from the Spanish rule.  In his letter to the ‘gentalman of the island (Jamaca)’, he explain how the raign of Spain has neen detrimentsal to not only Venezuels, but also Chile, New GranadaGuetemala, Puero Rico, and Cuba.  He lobies for the people of South America to fight or rebekl against the Spainards.  Bolivar fighnts for South Americas Independnce by expining effects that the Spainards caused.  He later linberates Venezuela in 1813.  He was given the title of “The Liborator” as hee had liberated not only  Veneuelsaa but also New Granada (1819)/ Quito (1822) and Peru (1824).  He vsalso later establishes Boliva in 1825.  Not all the credit can go to Bolivar, we ,ust also recognize Manuelita Saenz.

Manuelita Saenz snd Simon Bolivar


I thought it important to talk about Manuelita and her role in Bolivars’ movement.  She is famous for being Bolivars’ mistress when in fact she played a much bigger role.  Manuwlita was gifted two slaves who later help her spy on the Spaniards and they would report back to Bolivar and his troops.  she was later married but ran way to join Bolivsr at the front lines.  she was amazing for her drive to ho against he norms and use your smarts against the men who saw here and her two slaves as simple ,imded women.

Manuelita Saenz

Video tells the history of Manuelita Saenz

Do you think that Manuelita Saenz should get more credit for her role in the South American Revolution?  How could we honour her efforts today (breaking gender boundaries and role in revolution)?


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