ePortfolio Tutorials

Looking for help setting up or improving your ePortfolio? Have questions about privacy settings, plugins, menus? Help is around the corner.

Drop by Scarfe 1006 (MAC computer lab) for help setting up or troubleshooting your WordPress eP July 8th or 9th from noon til 2pm.
Tentative final tutorial date for 2a: July 17th. Upcoming session 2b dates: July 29th, Aug 5, Aug 12

Register for future sessions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19MCZuKu2kflx9l4NJmbOazccAymD7ZH8zjz4k-sgICU/

For some self-guided support, check out the ePortfolio tab above or go to my test site and FAQ:
https://blogs.ubc.ca/testingportfolio/ Watch for additional sessions.

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