1st step when feeling behind on schoolwork

One hectic weekend that prevents enough schoolwork from getting done and I feel like I’m running after a bus that has already left. Commuters, you understand how soul-crushed I feel.

Ah yes, this morning the rain was pouring buckets as I headed to the bus stop. Lo and behold, I can see the bus as I’m still 2.5 blocks away from the bus stop. No matter how desperately I sprinted, the bus took off and left me in the rain. It was one of those bus stops that provided no shelter from the rain.  I was gloomy. Miraculously, after ten minutes of just standing in the rain thinking about the mysteries of life, my friend texts me that she’s on her way to school and asks if I want to a ride. She generously pick me up from the bus stop and we have a fun chat on the way to school. She is the best. 🙂

So I’ll admit that like chasing after a bus, you still can’t catch up to the bus sometimes no matter how hard you run. Just think that there are other ways for you to get to the destination you want to get to. You’ll get there eventually. A lot of us feel like we suddenly fall behind despite our best efforts to stay on track and ahead. So don’t beat yourself up about being behind.  The first step is let yourself accept the fact you’re behind and then doing one small thing to start you towards getting up to speed. If you feel behind on every subject, just do one thing first. Do just one problem, take notes on just one lecture, finish that proposal that’s been weighing down your to-do list.

If you feel behind, I’m right here feeling the same thing as me.  Since I feel behind on chemistry, I’m going to run through a couple chemistry problems before I head to sleep.

On feeling guilty because I waste time

I felt really guilty today because even though there is so much pile-up is on my to-do list, the awesome AL commented that I seem have all this time. Upon reflection, I realized that I have a lot of time because my personal life doesn’t much time commitment:   I don’t have a highly demanding part-time job like one of our other friends; I’m very blessed that I don’t have to worry about making ends meet or keeping a roof over my head;  I don’t spend time with a significant other everyday; I don’t have a 2 hour commute to school; I don’t have a baby sibling or sickly grandparent to care for. I felt guilty because I’m so fortunate to have free time so  I should be making more of a difference to the world and my community with my time.  This means I need to examine how I’m using my time and cut out waste and make an earnest effort to do meaningful things 🙂

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