What’s on your reading list?

I’m a reading addict. I literally just got a new book today and finished it in one sitting. ( I’m going to try out David Larson’s techniques and maybe make a post reviewing whether I think they work for undergrads!)

Books I want to read:

Mountains beyond Mountains – By Paul Farmer founder of the medical humanitarian organization Partners in Health, human rights activist and Harvard medical school professor. He began a public health non-profit while  in medical school. He is the epitome of “let’s put saving lives and making a difference to the world first”. #idol #goals

When Breath Becomes Air  – a new father/young neurosurgeon faces cancer and questions what is the meaning of life. (and he passed away while writing this book 🙁   )

Go back to the library to retrieve Oliver Sack’s “The Mind’s Eye” that I never finished!

ALL the Atul Gawande  – I liked both Complications and the Checklist Manifesto.

Try a Abraham Verghese.


Re-read Basho’s haikus.

That book of Chinese poetry that’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now…

Russian literature? I’m going to see the play Onegin on Sunday and realized that I haven’t read much Russian literature. I tried Anna Kareina in the past but put it down. Time to try again?

EMMA   – Why haven’t I read Emma yet??


What’s on your reading list?

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