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So, this is round two with this blog. Please ignore any previous entries, they’re all from SPAN312.
My name is Rose Finn, and I’m from Portland, Oregon. I’m a creative writing major, but I’m looking into a Spanish minor, because I’ve been taking Spanish classes since I was in seventh grade, and my family is a group of JeMexicans (a phrase I coined). My dad and his siblings were all born in Mexico, and his siblings were raised there, while by the time my dad was five, his Jewish parents up and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconson. So there you have it- JewMexicans. They all speak fluent Spanish, especially my aunt who runs a bilingual school in Chicago and married an Ecuadorian.
The readings thus far are interesting, although it’s always difficult for me to sift through the academic jargon that overpowers academic articles. In my program, my initial focus was on screenplay, so I’m hoping this class will provide a whole new take on film, which already it’s shaping up that way. I found it interesting in the Monsivais reading about how Mexican cinema has been sociological rather than artistic, which would make a lot of sense, given it’s blatant social problems. I’m fascinated and intrigued with Mexican culture, though it happens to be a third world country, and there are certain malfunctions of a society that go with that title. I was in Mexico last February, and I noticed how there are virtually no regulations with workers’ compensation, when workdays are permitted to start and end, alcohol, and many other facets of society that are highly regulated in Canada and the US.


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