Aguila o Sol

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I think that this film’s main purpose is to entertain, like was most films at the time, but shows prevalent traits of distinct social classes. Throughout the movie, there is a fear that the rich will mess everything up, at least in the eyes of Polito. However, he does nothing to stop it at any point of the film and expresses his true feelings only when he is drunk. It is in his dream when he actually tries to do something about it and go to the dance. The fact that he would never do it in real life shows how he feels oppressed by the higher class, probably something that was true in Mexico at the time. Polito just smokes a cigarette every time he feels stressed about the situation. Also, in the theater it is shown how people laugh at the ignorance of the lower class. This is emphasized by the shots of the audience only when they are laughing and not at any other point. In addition, the name “Polito” a derivation of the real name “Hipolito” shows the ignorance of the lower class to even spell a name correctly. When Adriana is asked to perform in the “cabaret” and asks if Polito and Carmelo can also perform, she is answered that they are too ordinary and are not suitable for it.

However, at the end of the story, the poor “win” and are happy as a whole. They overcome every obstacle that they face, starting when they are children. It is key to identify that money does not bring happiness to them, but true friendship and love. Since the start of the film, when the 3 performers are kids, although they have no money they are still shown having fun. At a point in the movie Polito even mentions how the three of them were happy and kept going when they were small even though they didn’t have anything to eat for three days. Also, Hipolito, Polito’s father, even though he is rich, he said he was not happy because he didn’t have anyone beside him all the time and felt lonely. The importance of love and friendship is also shown in Polito’s dream where he feels betrayed by everyone and unhappy because no one he knows recognizes him, even though he is at this fancy “caberet”. Thus, love and friendship is always shown to be stronger than money.


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