Águila o Sol

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The film Aguila o sol was filmed in a way that made for some confusing scenes that did not help out with the films storytelling and which aided to disrupt the flow of the plot. It starts off with the three children, Polito, Adriana and Carmelo being abandoned in a convent when they are born and then they later escape at which during this time Don Hipólito, Politos father decides to search for his son. After this the story explains the direction of the lives of the three children which result in them staying together performing in theatre. When the film explains more about their adult lives it is then that some confusion occurs. It seemed that certain scenes focused too much on the great costumes of the cabaret dancers, Adriana singing abilities and the stand-up acts performed by Polito and Carmelo which all took away from the plot. What I found to be poorly filmed were the camera shots when it would turn to the crowd for their reaction of the comedic acts.
The ending was also confusing. The dream sequences where Polito dreamt of losing his friend Carmelo and love Adriana did not fit in well with the storyline as the dream comes about from his concern of losing his girlfriend after listening in on a conversation about her potential as a solo performer. As he wakes up he realizes he did not lose his friends but then also is introduced to his father who was searching for him.
One of the concerns I had during the end of the movie which wasn’t clarified was that whether the Politos father was in awkward position since he had assumingly had shown interest in Adriana. And whether or not Adriana decides to go onto performing alone or would the three of them continue on performing together.


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