Águila o sol

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Alright… Well…
I should preface this post (and perhaps all my posts) by informing you that I don’t speak a word of spanish…
I am a Film Studies major though and I’m going to try and slog it out.
For that reason my observations will lean towards the aesthetic elements of these films and whatever else I can soak up…
Sorry if I repeat anything that was said in class by someone else but I didn’t understand a word any of you said.

Águila o sol

The first thing that fascinated me about this film was the ability for a story to be conveyed to a viewer who lacks
language comprehension. Visual cues (the three marks on the chest) helped denote the primary character, facial
expressions revealed character emotion (confusion in the dream), vocal inflections did the same, music set the tone,
and the editing/shots conveyed the basic story elements.
In fact, I felt very confident regarding the narrative and that surprised me.
The comedic elements of the film were lost on me, aside from visual sight gags such as the chair collapsing or the
policeman entering. The comedy seemed to be very quick, punchy dialogue that naturally requires a strong sense
of timing. If the film were to be subtitled in English, the comedic impact would be dulled down, if not lost completely.
Okay, that was my impression.
– Devin.


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