La Venezolana…

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Hola! My name is Marianne and I am a third year English Literature student. I am also very bad with computers (Ipods hate me and my computer cries at night) so this is my second attempt at posting my introduction. Perhaps I should have saved it, but us Lit students don’t anticipate errors and are too trusting of our abilities.
I was born in Venezuela in 1988 (No, I do not like Chavez), and moved here when I was 8. During highschool I went to school in Powell River, which is basically the quentisential small town, and got out right after graduation. The only thing Powell River has that’s impressive, besides an abnormally high teen pregnancy rate, is the oldest (or one of the oldest) theatres in Canada: it was built in 1913. It’s even open and running, though the chairs haven’t been replaced, which makes for an uncomfortable and numbing movie experience.
As I see the art of rhetoric in films, I am very interested in films which contain poetic and thematic elements. And as a patriotic latin person, I felt that this class would emalgate these two passions for me.
I cannot think of a Latin film I like more than Pan’s Labyrinth because of its imagery and deepness in meaning. But I have to admit that my favourite movie of all time is probably Full Metal Jacket, which is surprising for a girl especially since I can barely explain why I like it so much.
Hope to see you all in class, Chao!


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