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There were a lot of scenes in the movie that did not correspond very well nor contributed anything to the overall plot, such as the couple who show up white and clean and leave filthy after they have spent days eating. Perhaps this is supposed to emphasize the effect the event had on the people. Our expectations for this couple may be marked by their appearance however what becomes funny and absurd about the situation is when they contradict the audience’s initial impressions by taking on almost animalistic tendencies. While husbands and wives flirted with other men and women, others were also participating in dance, drinking and sex. The event gives the croud the opportunity to flirt with immorality, normally something off limits to them in everyday life.
The race, shown by the couple who gorge themselves with food, in a way dirties, mentally, physically and morally the people, as the couple, originally angelic and white, leave with stained, soiled clothing. Similarly, the protagonist and his family leave with stains that will always remain attached to their daily interractions with one another and will and cannot be forgotten because of one night.


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