Mecánico Nacional

Posted by: | January 28, 2009 | Comments Off on Mecánico Nacional

This film was a visual treat to watch.
Loved the bright colours, the look, the feel.
It evoked such a youthful vigour and vibrancy.
The characters were big and outrageous, from the busty woman to the overeating grandmother to the gun toting machoman.
I also appreciated the jabs at English speaking Americans… “There’s nothing Mexican here” and “We are also Catholics”
The humour translated well.
Sincerely acted moments (at least they looked sincere, couldn’t say about their dialogue) such as the groups preference to watch the car race finish instead of staying at the funeral of the old woman, were great.
Silly idea but well portrayed.
In fact, I’ve come to realize that one of the biggest challenges facing a viewer who can’t understand the language, aside from the obvious, is the ability to detect sincerity in the characters.
For all I know, these actors look the part but might be delivering ridiculous cheeseball lines.
That being said, foreign language films automatically contain a level of authenticity because of this barrier.
Most likely that’s because the foreign films that I’m exposed to are brought over and released here because they are truly exceptional.
Regardless, fun film, high energy.


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