Battle in Heaven

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This is by far my favorite movie until now. I like the plot and I like the performances of all the characters. The movie reminded me of Repulsion by Polanski. It really captured the feeling of the characters even though the characters themselves did not show a lot of expression or physical emotions. I liked the contrast between the fast paced of the city and the stillness of Ana and Marco. The contrast brightened the despair of the main characters because it put them in a context at the same time as it alienated them from Mexico city.
The relationship between sound and picture was also important in the film. There were a lot extraneous sounds in the scenes like the classic music at the gas station, the clocks at the house and the metro station and the music in the country side. The music help us to focus in the people more and less in the surroundings.

I found interesting how the director presented Mexico city. although the director told the interviewer that the film was not political a lot of elements were a lot about Mexico and not just about an x city. The flag, the close captions of religious images, the city shots, the road trip towards Ana’s house, the guy wearing the mexico jacket at the airport, the march of the pilgrins. I agree that the film is about two people but it happens that those people are Mexican and they are very affected by the dynamics of their city. Truth is though that the characters seem free to make their own decisions. they did’t seem so limited by their socioeconomic status like in Los olvidados or El callejon de los milagros.

About the narretive, The marriage was interesting because of the hate-love interactions but also it was genuine and it felt honest to me. Also, women had very different roles in this movies than in any other film we have seen. All females appeared strong and confident.


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