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This film seems to be interested in the iconic figures such as the Virgen de Guadalupe and the flag, which are representative of Mexico. In response to Marianne, after Marcos death, instead of the flag being raised, we see the flag coming down. As I mentioned in my earlier blog, Marcos is representative, on some level or aspect of the infrastructure of Mexico. His thoughts are not coherent, as Ana even notes and his actions create chaos and do not make sense. On the other hand, he puts up this facade, as if he is completely unperturbed. Is it the director’s intention to emphasize that this is possibly how Mexico, as a nation deals with the problems that plague its country?
In response to Angell, even though the film has a lot of moments considered “erotic,” I do not find that the film itself evokes any interest in eroticism. Through the film’s lens, the human body does not seem to be eroticized, but instead is deconstructed and shown completely in the raw. Often when we think of something “erotic,” it usually pertains to the nude. Yet in this case, I believe the director, instead wants to show emotion and sex in all of its vulgarity. Something “erotic” is usually sensual however the film detaches sex from lust. The film overall feels void of emotion, as the characters have sex to have sex and there is no passion involved. Therefore the performance of sex becomes monotonous and just like any another daily activity.


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